26 February 2009

New wine into new wineskins

It has long been thought by those who know that every form is subservient to a higher form, and so on up to the very Form of forms; but it is equally true that each form must contain within itself its superior form, and even the Form of forms itself. For if a form did not contain the Form of forms, in virtue of what are we calling it a form? The matter of this containment needs to be clarified, but it is clear at the outset that all negative opposition of image and idea is immediately superfluous.

Because of this time can both be a condition of all existence as well as a property of any given object and therefore contingent upon that which it conditions. However, this contingency does not imply that there is anything necessarily spatial about temporality in and of itself, but merely demonstrates that the essence (and not simply existence) of anything that may be said to have an essence relies upon its further development into that which it conditions. This is where its contingency lies.

Since this is the case it is furthermore true that time can have a definite beginning, since it is from an absolute view prior to the existence of any object. Paradoxes involving the succession of events outside of time that may cause time can be solved by pointing out that the cause of time must be some variety of existence that, while certainly not temporal in and of itself, contains in and of itself that from which time springs.

Therefore, it is clear that what is to come has come before. But this may not yet be the end of the story. More to follow.

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